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Here are a few of the many testimonials we have recieved from our satisfied clients:

I want to let you know that Mary Jo is the most caring, kind and amazing person. I live in CO, and called your organization to look at getting some care for my Mom. After trying to work things out from CO, Mary Jo said she'd call my mom. Mary Jo then called me, and said she felt my Mom should be taken to the hospital right away.
I got on a plane, and they released my Mom the next day. Mary Jo then came over, we were going to start care ASAP. Mary Jo took me aside and said she thought my Mom should really go to rehab first.
I had no idea how to maneuver through all of this. She guided me, and last night my mom got into Sante rehab for 2 weeks.
She saved my Mom. How do you thank someone for that?
Thank you Mary Jo. You have a very special place in my heart.
Lin L.

Dear Sun Cities Caregivers,
On behalf of me and my late father, Merlin M., thank you and Happy Holidays! You were all so helpful, understanding and caring! Special thanks to Mary Jo and Angela! I'll always be thankful to you all.
Maya K.

Sun City Caregivers,
When PaPa and I were so fortunate to be accepted by Sun City Caregivers, (thank you Lola & Dot) we experienced true caring and compassion from our caregivers. Thank you for taking such "good care" of my PaPa and helping me so much.

My Sincere Thanks
Rosie S.

Mary Jo –

Thank you for being one of those special people.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the compassionate care you gave to Bob & Dottie through these years (especially in difficult times!)

I shall be eternally grateful and am offering 3 Holy Cross Days for you and your daughter. I pray that she will have the same caring gifts that you so generously shared with Bob & Dottie. My love and prayers always – be good to yourself, Mary Jo –
S. Michaeleen

Thanks again for helping to make Dad’s last year so pleasant & happy. All the girls were a delight to him – all for different reasons. I couldn’t have asked for more. Please call on me for a reference any time –

Dear Sun Cities Caregivers, especially those caring for Jake these past 3½ years.

Thank you so much for the care you gave my father.

I know there were times he stretched your patience. He was one tough cookie!

If it weren’t for all of you he wouldn’t have been able to return to his apartment and live out his days where he wanted to be. Thank you for putting up with his antics, at times.

He is now at peace.

Judy H.

To: Sun Cities CareGivers (MaryJo Cuttell, RN)
Re: Rosemary J. M.

Thank you for caring for our mother. You provided her daughters with complete peace of mind during the short period that we needed help. I met Mary G. on 28 August and was impressed by her ability to assume care quickly. We want a special Thank You to Chris P. Chris was very professional and compassionate when she phoned me with the news of my mother’s passing. I appreciated that she stayed at the house with mom’s dog, Susie Puppy, until I could arrive that evening, and had the medical equipment and all removed. She understood that my sister and I needed to hear how mom’s last day was spent and we are so appreciative of the extra attention that mom received.

Thank you for caring,
Susan M.

Dear Ms. Judy:

I am writing to thank you for providing amazing caregivers for my aunt’s partner, Mildred, who passed away last Friday.

My husband and I visited every day in Mildred’s final days, and without exception, your employees provided such loving care not only to her, but to her visitors. I especially want to commend Isabel, Stela, Jennifer and Valerie, who exhibited such compassion and concern. They demonstrated their humanity far beyond their job descriptions. In a difficult situation, it was a pleasure to have met them.

I hope you will pass along my message to these four women. I remarked to Isabel on one of my visits that if I ever get sick, I would like her to be my caregiver. I mean that sincerely. Thank you for your role in selecting such caring employees. They made a huge difference to those of us who loved Mildred.

Linda C.

I just want you to know what a great person you sent us. If we ever needed another helper we would want her. She is so special and does a wonderful job keeping everything neat and clean. We both have very happy memories of her. We love her.

Thank you for sending her to us.
Charles & Pam
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